Get relief from root pain with Root Canal Treatment in South Kolkata


Root canal treatment is the one of the most common procedure performed by a specialist dentist in daily clinical practice in today‚Äôs  modern dentistry era. It is the safest treatment procedure to save the natural teeth in the healthy oral environment to maintain the proper form and function of oral cavity.

The first impression about Root canal treatment a.k.a. RCT is that its going to be painful. But RCT is a procedure that in turn relieves your pain caused by the infection of the tooth provided it is done by a team of professional dentists.

What exactly is Root Canal Treatment for Kids [ RCT ]?

The teeth has  two portions  that is crown which is usually visible to us as the white  portion in the mouth and the other portion being Root which is not visible in the oral cavity as it is covered by bone and gum. The crown and root has different layers. The outermost part of the tooth is enamel/ cementum  followed by dentin and pulp. The  innermost region of the tooth is pulp which is responsible for maintaining the tooth alive as it contains blood vessels and nerves.

Various  harmful substance and trauma causing  injury to the pulp results in tooth pain. To relieve this pain and to remove any infection from the tooth the pulp has to be removed meticulously, shaped, cleaned  and filled subsequently. This whole procedure of removing the pulp, cleaning and filling the pulp space is known as RCT.

Steps of  Root Canal Treatment

The tooth to be treated is anaesthetised by local anaesthesia. It is followed by the preparation of a small hole in the outer portion of the tooth with specialised instruments to gain access to the pulp which lies inside enamel and dentin. The pulp is removed entirely with small instruments and various chemical solutions. Meticulous cleaning of the root canal is done with the help of medicaments. The next step is to fill the space [ root canal] which was once occupied by pulp. The filling is usually done by an inert, plastic filling material. The outermost portion of the tooth is also filled after which a laboratory made cap / crown is fixed over the original crown of the tooth to protect it from any further damage.

Usually RCT is done in multiple sittings. But with the advent of newer instruments and materials it can be completed in single sitting also depending on the condition of the tooth.

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